MyTeacher Languages was founded by Daniel Kermorvant. With his years of knowledge in teaching and coordinating language courses,  he designed his own set of language learning methodology.

Unlike ordinary learning materials, his methodology is efficient and simple. Along with the core methodology, Daniel invests his skills and time into providing additional learning materials tailored for a student’s specific needs. He constantly upgrades these materials to maintain its validity with current language learning trends. MyTeacher Languages is the only language center in Asia-Pacific with such innovative and reliable language learning methods.



All materials are patented and copyrighted.

MyTeacher Languages’ core methodology is the “Manual” designed by Daniel Kermorvant. It is a comprehensive, efficient guide carefully tailored to benefit the student.

It includes lists of vocabulary , grammar , short lessons for practice , a quick dictionary and much more! It’s contents can be applied to all major examinations and daily conversation for business or pleasure. The Manual is a very handy tool for travel abroad as it’s compact , lightweight and perfect to get you speaking French, Spanish, Italian or Bahasa Malaysia like a professional in no time.



Lets Compare…


  • Pronunciation and learning tips
  • Basic forms of expression
  • Start to speak immediately with simple sentences
  • Gain confidence
  • Create questions and initiate a conversation
  • Learn verb forms and master them
  • Learn grammar if necessary



  • Try to speak a new language
  • Learn advanced tenses
  • Learn advanced grammar
  • Learn vocabulary
  • Learn irregular verbs
  • Learn verbs forms
  • Learn basic information
  • Greeting and say you name

This is the common traditional teaching method. It emphasizes on too much memorization of grammar, rules, verbs, tense before you could speak a few words. At the end of the learning process, your mind will be full of grammar and therefore, it is almost impossible to associate and apply to action.

With MyTeacher’s method, you will be able to shorten the tedious traditional and academic learning process by eliminating unnecessary grammar, rules, verbs and tenses. As soon as you mastered the basic tools , you will start to create your own sentences and questions. You will be able to speak in no time. This will boost your confidence and thus, will motivate you to accelerate further to higher levels.

Although our methodology is non-academic oriented, all Courses program that have been created are always in line with the Common European Framework of reference for languages procedure (CEFR). Thus, the learner could sit for all major examinations. For the past eight years, we have encountered 100% of success rate with all our students who had undertaken our courses.

More than 1500 students enrolled in our programs with an annual enrollment of 300 people.

“I have been teaching French language for more than 10 years. I have tried countless of methodology but unfortunately, I have realized that there are not any available methods which can explain and guide how to speak French within a short period of time. Most of the current methods on the market are too academic and other are just phrases to be memorized. As a result, I have decided to develop my own method which would obtain immediate results.”

                                                                                                                                           Daniel Kermorvant, Founder of MyTeacher

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