Kids Arts and Crafts


There are so many skills that our kids can learn which can be obtained by the freedom to explore and be creative given the correct environment. To provide this opportunity, we have created the Crafty Corner, a cozy and safe learning environment that lets their creativity and experiences bloom. Whether it’s drawing, painting, cutting, paste modeling or simply helping them believe they can create something new and unique, the Crafty Corner will help uncover your child’s creative side. Creativity takes courage and it is a window for your kids to express themselves to the world.

The Crafty Corner is delighted to welcome little brilliant minds to explore, create, and to materialize their imaginations in a fun and safe environment. Let our kids forget about video games and TV for a while and allow them to drift in their imaginations and creations instead.

Creativity is in the process.
Diversity is to be celebrated.


Children from any culture, country & race are welcome to attend our cultural themed workshops prepared for different occasions of the year. Our workshops are designed for Preschoolers, Kids and Teens. We provide fun ideas for crafting, which utilize inexpensive, environmental friendly supplies and tools.

Our upcoming fall semester consists of a variety of crafts that range from pumpkin crafts, Mandalas, pompoms, kites, insects and underwater creature crafts and much more!

CLASS DETAILS (all fees are in ringgit and include material) 

Age group10-class package fee5-class package feeDay - time
Package description: 10 lessons
 Inclusive of: Exposure to culture and tradition, art, and fun.
  • - 1 lesson about a Malaysian craft for this semester – The Malaysian kite also called Wau.
  • - Over a 3-month period, your kids will create crafts according the events in October, November and December, namely Halloween, Diwali and Christmas. This will allow them to discover new cultures and traditions.
  • - On top of this, your kids will learn about famous artists like Picasso, by doing a workshop based on their work.
  • - Our workshops will also allow your kids to experience a glimpse of a foreign culture as they will learn about various countries and create crafts inspired the culture.
  • - As part of their journey to becoming artists, your kids will also learn various new techniques and mediums during each lesson such as collage, painting, modeling, oil pastel, prototyping, etc.
For more information or to register your child in our creative arts & crafts programme, simply visit our centre or get in touch with one of our registration staff members via telephone at 03-7890-2040 or via email at

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