All our courses are

  • In line with the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for languages.
  • helping you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to manage a conversation in real situations
  • Focusing a lot in conversation skills
  • Getting you ready for official examinations and certifications.

For the past 12 years, MyTeacher Learning system is teaching you at least twice faster with better results in spoken skills than any language center in Asia-Pacific. Find out more how we do that

BEGINNERS – A1 – 50-60 hours (Fastest A1 course in Malaysia)

  • BEGINNERS – A1.1 + A1.2 – 20-30 hours

  • UPPER BEGINNERS – A1.3 + A1.4 – 20-40 hours

  • A1 PREPARATION – 10 hours

After have completed the Beginners course, you will learn how to engage in your daily situations like make a booking call, order a lunch or ask directions, to ask any questions on the spot, to talk about yourself, family and friends, to order, pay a service or a product or just take a taxi and provide a direction.





INTERMEDIATE – A2 – 50-70 hours (Fastest A2 course in Malaysia)

  • INTERMEDIATE – A2.1 + A2.2 – 20-30 hours

  • UPPER INTERMEDIATE – A2.3 + A2.4 – 30-40 hours

  • A2 PREPARATION – 10 hours

After have completed the Intermediate course, you will learn how to engage deeper in your daily situations. You will describe events in the past (what you did over the weekend, describe your childhood, describe experiences, …) and in the future (your weekend plans, aspirations, future plans, etc)
Moreover, you will learn how to use all language shortcuts. You will be able to give and understand a quick elaboration or explanations.
Enough for a 2-week visit in France including renting a car, book hotels or restaurants, shopping and meet up in the country side.

INDEPENDENT – B1 – 60 hours (Fastest B1 course in Malaysia)

  • INDEPENDENT – B1.1 + B1.2 – 20-40 hours

  • UPPER INDEPENDENT – B1.3 + B1.4 – 20-40 hours

  • B1 PREPARATION – 20 hours

After have completed the Independent course, you will able to manage a situation or a discussion for any common matter related to your daily life, studies or work. You will be able to point out your ideas, elaborates or compare them and provide your final opinion about any dreams, hopes, plans or events.
As an independent user, you will express abstract ideas or opinions, make arguments and convince.
At this level, you may apply to certain universities or for citizenship if you are married to a spouse from that country.
Enough for a long stay in a country, meet up with people, reading books, Watching short movies. Independent level gives you a lot of flexibility.

ADVANCED – DELF B2 – 100 hours (Fastest B2 course in Malaysia)

  • ADVANCED – B2.1 + B2.2 – 40-60 hours

  • UPPER ADVANCED – B2.3 + B2.4 – 40-80 hours

  • B2 PREPARATION – 20 hours

After have completed the advanced course, you will able to read and discuss about complex articles on many subjects and provide a deeper opinion with advantages and disadvantages for each of them. You will watch movies, read newspapers articles or famous novel from famous authors.
You will be able to work in an executive position, manage most of daily working tasks, attend and actively participate to meetings.
You will be able to apply for further studies in public or private institutions and opt for a degree or a master in the language. For immigration purposes, individuals with this level can receive extra points.
Adequate for a career in a new environment, Studies in the country or master the language to understand novels, movies and interact deeper in the language.

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