Jamie Fong

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Bonjour! I always wanted to learn French for fun and to converse in this beautiful language. While most other formal French language courses were either too tertiary and grammar focused, making it hard and complex for beginners to pick up – at MyTeacher, monsieur Daniel has made it much simpler for us to learn what is needed to fast track, classes are always concise and pushed us into progress, no time wasted. After only 3 lessons, we are already heading into making sentences and building conversations. Tres Bien! Jamie Fong

Kay Chuah

kay-chuaFrench flag

French is a beautiful language and yet it can be difficult to learn sometimes. However, Daniel managed to show us the most practical way to learn. In less than a month, I am able to WhatsApp the basic in French! The mechanics of his teaching is efficient, simply just practical. Side note: J’aime le petit livre =) Kay Chuah

Bridget Yen

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I would rate 10 Stars if there was an option. Friendly staffs and teachers, a really good place to learn with a reasonable price, Monsieur Daniel makes learning easy and fun! Highly recommended! Bridget Yen

Yew Meng Fong

yew-meng-fongFrench flag

I always wanted to learn to speak French but the complexity of the language always intimidated me. MyTeacher Languages’ methodical and systematic approach made speaking and understanding French really easy. By the 3rd class we were constructing countless sentences and had a good understanding of French phonetics. What is more important is the learning environment that the teachers create to foster student engagement and participation. My class was really helpful to one another and lots of fun to learn with. I highly recommend their French course to anyone looking to pick up the basics of the language in a fairly short amount of time. If you are unsure if French is right for you, there is a free trial class you can take and be introduced to the teaching method. Yew Meng Fong

Xu Xuan Ng

xu-xuanFrench flag

Just completed French level 1 part 1, and I will continue part 2 soon. Love the teacher and also the teaching materials that make learning French so fun and easy ! Xu Xuan Ng

Rebecca Gan

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Learning French at MyTeacher has not only been extremely enjoyable but it also helped me discover my passion for learning a new language. And I find this passion a key to learning effectively. It is a whole new teaching approach to school, and in my opinion, it is very effective! I have always struggled to get my head around the finer components of French, with grammar being my weakest point. However, my teacher, M. Daniel, taught it in such a way that helped me find the patterns and little “tricks” to grammar, which I then picked up easily. After a few sessions, my seemingly endless worry for grammar was gone! Not only that, M. Daniel’s lessons are fun, engaging and very, very practical. He is always patient and attentive, and what is being taught comes off very clearly and concisely, making French, what I always thought was a complicated language, much simpler! In the end, I achieved my goal of getting a high A* for my French IGCSE. Merçi beaucoup, M. Daniel! Rebecca Gan

Yasmeen Mee

yasmeen-salehFrench flag

I am so glad that I studied in My Teachers Languages , I never thought that from part one I will be this good .Thank you very much. Yasmeen Mee

Yann Violet

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It is an excellent learning platform for people who are keen to learn a foreign language that they desire. I have to say that I have been enriched by the lessons offered, Our French Professor is vibrant and full of personality, she is also very engaging and encourages us to participate. She prompts by asking questions so we respond in French and that helps us to think on our feet. She is astute and that enhances our French learning experiences. As the saying goes, you have to be inspired by your teacher to make learning easy and fun. The materials are a wonderful source to practise and of reference when in doubt! I learnt french so quickly that I am now able to initiate conversations and read in french without much difficulty! I have learnt so much and every step of the way was nothing short of fun! The lessons are timely and every class is significant in its on right. I have to add that the admins are also kind, helpful and professional in their approach! The course(s) are also reasonably priced! Yann Violet

Angel Koo

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Definitely worth the effort, time and money! After studying abroad in the UK for a year and visiting most of the Europe countries, it was instilled in me that languages and cultures of different places has their own uniqueness and importance. I’ve been learning French with Monsieur Daniel, who is a passionate teacher as well as a role model. Despite the fact that I’m not fast learner, he is very dedicated and patient in guiding and correcting my mistakes. I’m very glad that the classes offered by Mr Daniel does not only helps me academically, but also allows me to thrive practically. Merci beaucoup! À bientôt! Angel Koo

Yi Rou

yi-rouFrench flag

Bonjour! I never thought that learning French would be so easy and effective! I love Mr. Daniel’s styles of teaching and his incredible small ‘manual’. (I literally bring it anywhere!) The class is interactive. Besides teaching, Mr. Daniel shared his military experiences with us as well as the French culture, which allow us not only to have the theoretical knowledge but to understand the French more. Strongly recommend those who want to learn French (even if you’ve got no basics at all like me), come to MyTeacher languages! There’s no other center like here I could say. Merci beaucoup Monsieur Daniel! A très bientôt! Yi Rou